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December 11, 2006



This is my first comment on the new site, and I apologize for that. Things have been a little crazy.

I like the clean layout here. Like a blank slate, on which you can post your daily musings.


I agree with LadyBug :)
And I love this red ribbon project. What is it exactly?


Me!! I'm with you!!! But, I'll have to be that red ribbon (or some other object) that goes with you. Boo.


I am also in love with this CD recently.

I can't stop listening to it; it is so funny I come on for the first time in ages and see this!

I love the new layout.

Rhineland is the one I am listening to over and over again recently.

I know you are possibly real-life shy, but this makes me wish you had come to Centro-matic or Plus/minus or something with us.


Oh! By the way - I'm with you.


Count me IN. ;) Gorgeous photos, Sher.


I'm in! Great stuff, thanks for the tip. Merry Christmas!


Well, that's fascinating. I went to the link after commenting here, and found that I know them! I had the "Hawk and a handsaw" CD in my hand last weekend. Didn't buy it, I didn't find it either as odd or as musical as this song. I'll look out for Gulag.

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