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January 21, 2007



Having trouble staying asleep tonight, so I finally got up to read. First blogs, then a book. Thanks to your words for keeping me company.


I sometimes think it is better to know that you are afraid...It's scarier that way, but freer too.

It's funny but every time I see your beautiful ice pictures I'm also think about what causes it. I worry about leaking, drafty windows. Such a mundane thing, but something I see as a threat to the safety and comfort of me and mine. I have such deep-rooted feelings about structures and the feeling of security that certain places bring to me. Having my own home keeps me grounded somehow and lends a sense of stability that I crave.

Enjoy Kafka...


oooooo. enjoy florida! And you've got your bathingsuit on underneath? I'm telling! ;-)

It sounds like you are really excited about this, so I'm happy for you.


I just came back today to look at the photo again. I realized I didn't say it, but it is definitely one of my favorites. In fact, I think I'll just go 'fav' it right now on Flickr. ;-)


yes, over the New Year holiday, we determined my need for professional help... saw someone a week ago, with not too distant plans to return again, and again... I can't live like this... must breathe!


THANK YOU! (tears welling)


Your words are lyric, as always. When I first saw the ice in your photo, I thought of peacock feathers.

As always, you give me much to think about, and so eloquently. Thank you.



"When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear." You're ready. Enjoy.


Few things leave me speechless: Your photography and your words do.

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