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January 12, 2007



I definitely find it difficult to say things like "When you do X, I feel Y." It is so much easier to put the emphasis on the other person. "Don't be so mean/hurtful/offensive (etc)." I've gotten better at this with time, but it still doesn't come naturally to me. I have to pause from bursting out and saying the first thing that comes to mind and instead take the time to think about it.

As for your photos, I love the light coming through the edges of the plant life. It is really beautiful.


Hearing yourself through hearing the voice of others. It's such a learning experience. It feels so much safer to speak about others. When you speak of yourself, there's no place to hide.

It makes me think of The Lorax: "I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.
I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues."

I love these photos- some of my recent favorites.


I have no problem talking with my own voice and telling people how I feel or how they are making me feel, etc. It's the aftershock that makes me uncomfortable. Not that I'm mean or hateful or malicious or anything, but I get embarrassed of the real me, b/c it's usually so different from everyone else around me. They think I'm weird. Which I am. So be it.

And.... WOULD YOU QUIT IT?? But really, don't quit it. Every time I think you've taken the best picture ever, you take an even better one. I am getting knocked out of my mind (and my chair) every time I visit.

If you don't become a professional photographer in the next year, I'm never speaking to you again! OK, that's a lie.

But really, you're beyond good! To me, you are something so new and different. And that speaks volumes.

OK, later, Picasso.


big fat rolling tears of happiness... for you

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