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January 03, 2007



To think we know ourselves so well. We have so much to learn.


growth is a mystery, but a great place for faith and hope.


I started to copy a bit of this post to put here in comments and say "this is just what I needed to hear." But after I highlighted a bit, I read on, and there was more, then more, then . . . this was ALL what I needed to hear. Imagine that. Like Jung said, "That which is most personal is most universal." I surely do love you. And thank you.

happy and blue 2

You write as well as you take photographs. Which is very well..


Boy, is this ever resonating with me. Same with Susie, so it seems. Just today a potential possibility opened up for me, and I was also surprised by my response to it. And no matter what does or doesn't come of it, the mere possibility of it has changed me. "Undefined potential" - I'm going to remember that.

Happy New Year, Sheryl.

Bucky Four-Eyes

I think this will be a year of personal surprises for many of us. Overwhelmingly positive, I'm hoping...



thank you for this one...

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