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February 22, 2007



Dreams of losing one's teeth relates to the loss of a family member. I dream about losing teeth quite often, but most likely for a different reason.

Cutting and scraping to get down to the core? Figuratively only, I dare say...

Shedding the old, the dead, the no-longer-needed...and blooming. I like that. I really do.


creeepy! I am kind of weirded out, and can't think of anything else right now. sorry. But wanted to let you know I'd been by and read it.


ahhhh.... wow.


oooh. i love this one. i don't know where the dream ends and reality begins. but i like that you are blooming. : )


holy cow, that's a wild dream...the perfect beginning to a GREAT short fiction story.
love your photos, a always.


Those kinds of dreams would make me go nuts. I would wake up picking my skin.

I'm glad you don't have lilies growing out of your flesh! ;)

Losing the teeth is actually related to financial/money issues/worries. I still, occasionally have the dreams where there I will find a loose tooth and it will fall out. Then, later in the dream, they will all fall out, one at a time. My uncle is a Psychologist and told me it was all about money. Different "dream" websites have suggested the same. Who would've known? All that time I thought it was because I wasn't brushing well!

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