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March 06, 2007



Each time that I read Rumi I see something more. This makes me think of standing knee deep in the river and dying of thirst.


You are making me fall even more in love with you. I love Rumi. I LOVE LOVE LOVE rumi.


I keep checking, faithfully, every day to see if you've posted. I hope that you haven't given up your blog for dead... I'm always interested in seeing which of your many pictures you will pick out as the best of the best, or that link to something you have to say.

Miss you.



where, oh where, did Sheryl go to? - - come back, from wherever you are! I know you're around somewhere... (I check your flickr nearly everyday!) Hope all's well ~


read and enjoy your writing. your photography is pure INSPIRATION. more than that....meditative and, well, a joyful and eyeopening experience. hope all is well.

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