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July 16, 2007



Beautiful picture. Absolutely ephemeral.

I have been thinking a lot about comparing myself to others lately too. I think I'm getting better at not doing it in a judgemental way. But it's tough not to.


I love this collage. It is as if there is a morning fog and I'm looking through the fog at the flowers. It is really magical. :-)


I love how your mind works, and I hope you do too.

I can't say that I struggle much with comparisons anymore. I can accept me for me. I may want to be a different me, an ever-evolving me, but still me and not someone else. That's finally come with a bit of age and wisdom, but it's an on-going journey. Now that I've tackled that, there are still plenty of other hurdles to be taken on. :)


Have I told you lately that your photography is amazing? Probably not. I should do that more often. I never compare your photographs to mine, unless I'm doing it to learn. I think that's the best way to compare things anyway.

Bucky Four-Eyes

I've always thought intent was what really mattered, if someone is keeping track of this shit.


That photo is breathtaking! And the bit about comparison being simply a means to withhold love and acceptance? Spot-on.


i miss you so. i have no time to visit online anymore. i been catching scrapes and scraps when i can. your work is more amazing everyday.

i wish i could visit more.

but i think of you everyday.

hope you are well.


I also think intent is the a big part of anything. I like to look at that before makinf judgements.

rachel burgos

thank you for this Sheryl.

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