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July 18, 2005



I feel like a broken record. Again, a beautiful post.

I have images in my mind that are lovely and confusing in themselves, but I'm compelled to ask: Would you post a picture of your artwork sometime?

La Pix

Yeah I think that can be arranged...
I have some slides that I could probably get made into electronic images.

There are some things for which I may not have slides anymore... or not sure where they are but I can scan the images of them I have.

And I just had the idea that I can scan directly some small pieces. I never thought of doing that before. Thanks mrtl!


I'd love to see your work, too. Funny, about the erasers: I loved the erasers whole. I loved suqeeeeeezing them. I liked drawing on them with pen and making a stamp out of them. I loved the smell of them.

But when they broke into pieces? That made me sad.


As I was reading about your eraser dividing into 2 and then 4 and then 8, I instantly thought of fertilization and the division of an embryo and started thinking about how I should find one of the really cool 3-D versions of it that I've seen and send it to you. But then as you went on and described the sharp edges, I realized that it would fit. Because of course, everything is rounded in cell division...

I bet you'd think lamellipodia are cool though. I was awed by some immunofluorescence microscope images that I saw a couple of years ago at a conference. If I can find a published version of them, I'll email them to you. :)

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