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July 20, 2005


Amanda B.

Holy crap Pix. These are beautiful but they also tap into something in me that I don't like to look at-the pain of the past.

You do realize that now I shall have to have a Pix original. :D


once again, thank you for sharing ~


more, more, more. (please)


I love your artwork. It's really wonderful. I would have been one of the people in your art class who was jealous. : )


i rarely comment, but i want to say that i eagerly anticipate each new post of yours. i find myself so anxious to read what you have written that it takes me at least 3 times to actually read all of the words, because i find that nearly everything you write strikes close to home with me: your works really resonate. and it often seems like any comment that i would make would seem insignificant, like i could never really express just how much what you share with the world means to me. so thanks...


Thank you.

But I just can't right now.

It's complicated.

Maybe someday...


Another excellent post, and great art too. Very disturbing, very moving.


Thank you so much for sharing some of your work with us, Pix. It's so thought-provoking, and troubling. Like old journal entries, it's a glimpse into the mindset of your past.

I'm not understanding your thoughts on medication with therapy. (Never did therapy, though, and that may be why.) Meds made me lose my anxiety, but also took away passion and general feeling, like a lotus eater from "Odysseus." Does therapy help to reconnect despite the meds' effect?


I don't know quite what I want to say, but here are the thoughts that run through my head.

Thank you for sharing some of your artwork with us.

I've wondered about your art and your time at RISD; so I find it fascinating to hear about your experiences there. I am curious about the rest of the story.

How very complicated that it was so intertwined with your depression &/or dealing with all of your past. The image of cutting it off, but still dragging it along as a rotting leg is very powerful.

I also appreciate your openness about what therapy has been like for you. I have a family member who might benefit from therapy, so it helps to have your point of view.

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