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September 15, 2006



"...I can't trust my sense of truth until I let it go."

You have just provided me the words with which to begin explaining why we must learn, and learn, and learn. And then, find new places and methods to learn some more. My kids ask, "When will we be done with school?" Now I know how to say, "Never." Thank you!


You call it revision, I call it self-editing. Either way, I do far too much of it. Thank you for making me remember that.

"Some stains can't be removed without scarring the paper, ripping or cutting below the surface." So true and so sad.


Love the words and love the art.

An amusing parallel to your post today was me getting ready to go out. I put on my make up and got dressed, popped in earrings, bracelet, stuck a ring on my finger and then checked myself out.

Okay, I then rubbed off 75 percent of the make up and removed the ring and bracelet and left.

Another form of self-editing and self doubt too.




Sheryl, thanks. I'm going to try that exercise with my drawing class some time in the next few weeks. I've already talked to them about building up and taking away marks to give the paper a history and to build a relationship with it, so this will flow perfectly from that discussion.


i wish i had art teachers like you did. maybe i would have kept going. but... i get it. i love this post. thanks!

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