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December 05, 2006


Melanie - Holy Schmidt!

4 in a row.


victoria winters

Quadrant. I use firefox, btw.

happy and blue 2

Four in a row.
I like the second and fourth pictures the most. Not that you asked,ha,ha..


Thank you Mel, victoria and H&B2.
Please feel free to respond in any way you want...yes, you can even comment on the photos!


I see a quadrant. I am using IE 7.

I see a beautiful new look! And gorgeous photos (as usual) !


Quadrant. Firefox 2.0. Lovely.


I seem to be the odd one out and I see 4 stacked photos. But then again, I'm at work (using I.E.) and there's no saying what they've done with it. The moon is just gorgeous in these. You certainly captured her in all of her splendor on this evening.


Thank you for the feedback Sarah, Summer & Lisa!
Actually - it's not a browser thing usually as much as whether you have graphic card/monitor/resolution so that you can view more pixels. (I'm not a fan of firefox - the interface doesn't allow me to work the way I prefer. Maybe that will change someday, I don't know)

Also, for full disclosure, none of these types of pics of mine are of the moon - only street lights, car lights, christmas lights. But mostly street lights. There's no way I could get an image of the moon and flora like that in one shot with a 50 mm lens.


In IE they are stacked. Are check Firefox when I get home tonight.



4 quadrants - using Firefox 2.0


I have had moon on the mind with this goregous full moon shining down on us this week. My mind had me seeing what I was thinking!

Now that I'm at home, the pictures are in quadrant form. I.E 6.0


Stack in Firefox (until I closed my Sage sidebar and refreshed the screen), Quadrant in IE7. Screen resolution at 1440 x 900.


Quadrant in Firefox from home.


four stacked images. I like #1 the best, not that you asked.

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