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April 27, 2007



"There is something important, deep and primal about transforming a thing into a different kind of thing."
See, this is the kind of thing you say, with some regularity, that makes me cry, and strikes me mute, yet gives me energy, courage, inspiration. Thank you for doing this -- the questions, the blog, the art. You, my dear, are krafty.


That reminds me a bit of the Story Corps oral history project that airs on NPR. You are taking it one step further by integrating a wonderful multimedia aspect into it.

I think your answer to what is art would be different to my answer which would be different to the answer of the person down the street. But to me, that's the beauty of it, how it touches us personally. Growing up, I had grandparents and a favorite aunt (much like I would guess you are to your nieces) that encouraged me to create. It was the best gift I could ever receive. I've spent many years away from that, but I'm returning to that place again.


Wow...those are some profound words. As I volunteer in the art field (teaching art to kids with cancer) and am preparing to actually work in that field (for money), I find that much of what you say resonates with me.


"I may not know art ... but I know what I like." Those words have always been used to describe a boor, an unrefined person. In fact ... that is a great description of what art really ought to be - something that affects us personally, not at an academic level or arm's length.

What a beautiful essay on the nature of art, Sheryl.




Wordgirl & Nilbo - so honored to have two great writers stop by and comment!

Nilbo, I like your thinking. I don't see a reason to define what art is for everyone.

Wordgirl, you do good work! Sharing enthusiasm for creativity and art is a wonderful way to contribute. If I could do anything I wanted, I would work with folks who wouldn't otherwise be getting to do art projects myself.

Carol, MWAH back at ya!


I, also, am a big fan of Studs Terkel.

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