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May 09, 2007



Aw, honey, life is good for me today because one of my very favorite people is celebrating her 40th birthday :) Now I shall have a chocolate custard from Rita's, which I was just about to pass on, but that was before I knew what a special occasion today is. Chocolate custard it is!


Happy birthday! 40 is good. And just keeps getting better I've found. Life is good here because it looks like it might rain, always welcome after a drought.


Happy birthday!

It sounds like you are celebrating the day perfectly. And I love to hear that life gets better and better. It feeds my inner optimist. (Sometimes she gets squashed by my cynical side.)

waking up late

Happy Birthday.

Thanks for bring so much hope.


Happy Birthday, Beautiful!


Happy Birthday (slight return) err, belated.


Happy Belated Birthday to you!

My day is good so far, because I managed to get out of bed on time to go to a doctor's appointment (nothing serious - just acne follow-up). Also, the sun is coming in very nicely through the front window. And I found the picture of the flower that I was hoping to find within Flickr without much trouble. :-) It is a bit early for anything else. But being Friday, there is bound to be some goodness today.




Hey, happy birthday, way late (just got in from a road trip with sporadic web access). Glad to hear it was a wonderful day.


It sounds like a most excellent way to spend a birthday, or any other day for that matter.

Life is good to me today as I’m finally starting to see glimpses of freedom from inner turmoil. I may be getting older, but I’m feeling so much lighter and younger at heart. People have even commented that I look younger lately! I don’t fight the passage of time and aging—I embrace it.


I'm late to celebrate, but happy birthday to you! I'm glad you spent the day so divinely. As it should be...

August's dad

Happy Birthday, sorry I missed it.
Did you get my email about Elvis Costello?
To late now but sorry we missed you.
I've lost all my email addresses and have no cell phone :(


Oh, I missed it. Belated happy birthday! I hope the year continues as well as it began.

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