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May 13, 2005



It was nice to wake up (at this ungodly hour - thanks Avery) and have something to read and think about.
I'm not entirely awake and your writing has made all these thoughts and feelings move around inside me and I can't label them through my sleepy fog.
Its horrible when children have to have such adult feelings about their parents.
My mother taught me a lot of stuff that I never wanted to know at that age.

Thanks for writing, I love reading it.
Is the little redead girl you post pictures of your niece? I haven't read enough to find out. I wish Avery's hair was that color. Thats what I looked like when I was little, hehe :)


another excellent entry. unsolicited advice? she made her choices. these complicated feelings you are experiencing as an adult are very poignant and expressed with such clarity...it's truly a gift, or a talent. your sensitivity and insight are amazing.


Nothing important to say, really. Just wanted you to know I'm still around, still visiting, still lurking. I don't comment often anymore; I so often don't know what to say. But I'm still here, still thinking of you, still caring about you.




amazing story. I can't figure out if I am going to cry or if I am going to sit here stunned for another 15 minutes and THEN cry.

No really. this was an amazing story that was written better than anything I have read in a very long time.

Closet Metro

another one of your powerful, leave me speechless, moving posts. Where I can't not comment, but can't SAY anything.

Amanda B.

Amazing She. Amazing strength. Amazing sorrow. Beautiful amazing story.

Can you tell I'm at a loss for words? As usual, humbled by your strength and your talent.

La Pix

Thank you, everyone.
[Though I'm a little oogy about the praise, I will not let myself say 'shut up'. I will allow people to appreciate my writing or compliment me.]

As I said in an email to someone (maybe one of you) last week, I am grateful that I can share these things and they make sense to other people...

This is something I couldn't have written six months ago.


I'm glad you've reached the point where you can write about these things.

As painful as it can be to read them.... the way you write, it puts me in your shoes, and I ache for the girl you were.

Colleen from NJ

how fragile we all are, and

how strong we all are!

Your superior writing always moves me, and as it helps you, so also does it help me. Thank you.

Home Detention Lady

I'm dead tired, but had to stop by to see what was new over here. I always think of the kids I worked with in North Dakota, one in particular, named Mandy. Her mom raped her. She dangled her from a balcony when she was a little girl. She killed her dog in front of her. Mandy loves and hates her mom at the same time, and Mandy is very violent. Memories of Mandy are hard to roll around in my brain, and all they are to me is horrible stories. To her, they're her life and her childhood. I don't know where she is now. She's probably 17. I will always worry about her.


Amanda recommended you, and this story was probably a good reason way. Just terrific.

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