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June 29, 2005


Circus Kelli

Why does it hurt sometimes, thinking of the future?

Because you have to let go of the past and present, just a little bit to look to the future. The future is unknown. All that lives there are hopes and dreams and wishes -- and the fact that we know that we'll have to say goodbye to something/someone we know and love in out life today.


One of my alltime favorite Bob songs as well. That whole album is really bittersweet that way. Give the last two lines of "Vaporub" a listen again sometime soon:
Wouldn't want to make you think you hadn't found a way to me,
it's only that it's not as simple as it seems to be"

Amanda B.

I know what you mean sweetheart. I really do. Sometimes it feels like I've already lived my life, and DAMN what? I'm only half way through?

I am so proud of you for continuing to walk the path towards healing and joy. You deserve it. I'm there with you, and when you get tired, I'll help you along.


Anxiety over the future and what lies ahead is an illusion that we conjour up for ourselves.

LET IT GO! Free yourself from it.

This is your time NOW! This is your moment to live it fully. Look at the beauty of your images and soak in all that glorious living energy and use it today.

You are so loved for who you are now. What a blessing. XOXO


It is a gift to be able to look back with thankfulness and forward with anticipation, while looking at the present with eyes that really see.


ah man - so proud of myself - recognized dear old Bob right off! I miss knowing people who loved Bob Mould as I do... I'm tickled

I've always looked ahead, always worked for the future - and then I got a divorce and didn't know WTF to do with myself and I floundered for a few years, too scared to deal with the future at all - at one point I'd even talked myself out of ever wanting children. Things change. Dealing with the past, the NOW and tomorrow can be a delicate balance. Once again, I've become more concerned with tomorrow and the general future. My honey-man is grounded in the NOW - has problems acknowledging the past and doesn't want to deal with the future, yet he's learning a balance, making a concerted effort daily, in the NOW to deal with what brought him where he is now and where's he's going. It's a never-ending issue, I think.


the future is scary because it's a big huge fat UNKNOWN - and there's potential in it for MORE loss, more pain, more disappointments, more unmet expectations ~ it's also a chance for more joy, more love, more sharing, more relating, more GROWTH.

La Pix

I guess those last questions were really rhetorical. I know the answer. And the part that I don't know that I know, I probably know somewhere in there.

I really appreciate what Greenie said - because that's the same type of message I've been telling myself all my life. I am an ace at transcending. The zen way is so appealing to me, and certain parts of Buddhism too. Especially the part about desire and hunger and suffering being illusions, states to transcend.

For me, freedom will mean a balance between past, present and future. Allowing myself to feel sad and afraid along with all the other, more acceptable feelings. The things I am more comfortable with. A lifetime of shaping my responses to the world will not be changed overnight. I am still in the first stages in so many ways.


the future is scary because the present is pretty damn good.

love you!

miss marisol

La Pix --
Gorgeous photos. You captured some really wonderful light.

It's amazing, isn't it, how close the feelings of sadness and happiness can be. I have often thought how happily lucky I am to have wonderful friends and then felt sadness immediately because I know that life is short.
Thank you for commenting on my blog entry, I really appreciate the input!

I have enjoyed my visit to your site. Wave of Mutilation is one of my favorite songs.
I plan to return!


Great flower photos...they are really beautiful.


You know, I thought I commented on this the other day, but I must not have finished it.

The delicate appearance of these flowers reminds me of the most fragile type of tissue paper. And the wrinkled aspect reminds me of raffia (rafia?).

I like that you included the part about the older gentleman chuckling and smiling at you.

As for the part about the future, this is triggering a lot of thoughts for me. I think that I'll continue to ponder them, and I'll hopefully post about it, in the future. (in the future, yes, I know how that sounds.)

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