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November 17, 2006


love squalor

i found your blog the other day (can't remember how now) but i am so smitten that i had to say hello! yes, your photos (especially these most recent glow-ball pics) are like paintings and so striking in the way they capture the essence of the light, the blur of colors, the beauty of shadows. really, i can't stop looking! thank you for sharing your beautiful point of view with the world here - so happy to have found you!


Blind. Definitely. Not being able to hear the world around me, or listen to music, would be my death.


The important thing is that it gives you joy and pleasure. I would be so afraid of doing photography as "work" and then take away the joy of it.

If I had to pick one, I suppose it would be deaf. I am a very visual person. Then again, I love music so that would be a huge loss.


I think deaf. Even though I'm an auditory person. There seem to be more ways to compensate for an absence of hearing. Very thankful that I can do both.
And how are you, dear one? I think of you often.

Noria Jablonski

I think this may be my first comment?
As someone who has severe hearing loss, I'd choose deafness. There's a kind of comfort in the muted way I experience the world.


Neither, but I have music playing in my head at all times, so I think I could survive without being able to hear externally more easily than not being able to see my children's faces.


Yes! I finally got through! For some reason, this post has been locking up my browser every time I've tried to scroll down and get to the comments. But I finally made it.

Hence, I've had lots of time to consider and reconsider your question.

I decided that I'd choose blindness. Even though I am such a visual person, and a visual learner, I can't imagine not hearing music or sounds. Even little things like the trickling of the cat's water fountain or the hum of the fridge or the clicking of the keys on the computer keyboard are somehow comforting to me. That said, I'd have a mess of a time in my profession, because it would be okay to be deaf, but impossible (I think) to be blind. So... that is the one thing that is rather disconcerting about having to choose.


God forbid that I should ever be either, but: deaf. I'm very visual, and have a head full of old tunes to keep me company.


You know what? Above all else - I love you to pieces. That's all. I love you.


Gobble gobble,


I took a poll. And we'd both rather be deaf. Horrible, but I guess we'd still have the music in our brains.


Happy Thanksgiving, Sheryl!

I hope you have some good times today.

Sending a hug across the miles to you,


I know I'm late in saying this, but Happy! Turkey Day to you and yours. Hope it was a good one. : )


As I said on Flickr you inspire me to experiement. Just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful images.

Waking Up Late

Jordan Flipsyde

Chance to read your blog, I really like your blog, let me learn a lot! I will focus on your blog, refuels!

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