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December 04, 2006



Curious quote. Lovely photos.


Haha. shari, you had the same response I did...
I think it must have been a slighty "off" translation job. Maybe Rumi meant 'wonder' instead.

I chose this quote because I received two flickr mails this week from someone who thinks the photo style and editing technique featured in these photos causes him "some bewilderment". When I came across this Rumi quote on a site I was reading, I couldn't pass it up.

It's not often that I encounter the word bewilderment!

JD's Rose

Ohhh. Perrty.


These images make me think of a planet with many burning suns.

Closet Metro

take any more photos like these, and you may have to stop being a writer.


I am a fan of Rumi, translation a bit off or not. These words do seem to fit your work so well.


you did a great job in selling the cleverness and buying bewilderment. the captures are a good testimony of your beautiful trade.

blessings upon blessings.

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